The Pop-Out Collection was launched in 2006 by Austin Based artist Melissa Borrell and has been carried in museum stores around the world. The idea for the Pop-Out originated on a work trip when Melissa wanted a creative momento of her artwork to give to buyers after meeting them. Pop-Out was born from the desire to create an evolving piece of art that can be shared with others. Melissa designs the art, but her consumers are the ones who make it jewelry.

Melissa creates all of the designs for the collection and produces them in the United States. Each piece is carefully hand drawn going through an extensive process of refining each shape and line. The designs are then transferred to thin sheets of stainless steel metal. The pieces are cut out of the metal, leaving the connection points intact so that the end user can finish the creation process by popping them out of the card.

Crafted with modern digital fabrication techniques in combination with traditional jewelry methods, these sculptural pieces are artifacts of the modern moment.